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Having solid meaningful relationships in life is key to being successful but it is also key for optimal health. Whether these relationships are with your spouse, children, significant other, bosses, coworkers it doesn’t matter; these relationships need to bring positive influence in your life to sustain physical and mental health.

When we talk about food most people don’t think of it as another relationship to manage. Food most definitely can impact your life positively and negatively depending on how you build your relationship with food.

Did you know that by incorporating whole, nutrient dense foods into your diet you can start building a synergistic relationship with your mind, body and soul? Start building a positive relationship with food to achieve better digestion, healthy blood sugar levels, balanced hormones and more energy.

Let’s work together to educate, implement and understand the benefits of dietary and lifestyle changes. We can’t change ourselves until we understand how our own behaviors affect our health. Understanding our personal relationship with food is a great place to start!



I’m Rebecca Garner, wife, mother and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner residing in Southern Arizona and enjoying all the sun all year long! My passion in life is to help people with all sorts of health challenges through the healing powers of food and lifestyle changes. My children keep me young but add a serious level of crazy to my life. Thankfully I have a sane husband to keep it real for me.

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