“I have been working with Rebecca for the past few months and the changes she has helped me make are priceless. I not only feel better physically but I have made changes that have benefitted my entire family. Rebecca takes the time to learn about each client and meets them where they are at. She is extremely supportive and helps answers any questions I had. I feel so fortunate to have found her help and hope others will benefit from her knowledge and skills. “

Loan H., MD, Arizona

“Rebecca is amazing!” She truly cares about her clients and addressing their concerns. She is very thorough at analyzing eating habits, body symptoms and data collected. Rebecca checks in regularly to make sure that the foods and supplements are right for her clients. During the past five months, she has helped me to find balance with my body. After struggling to lose weight for years, I was able to lose over 25 pounds with her guidance to help regulate my gut. I feel very blessed to have the help she has provided and hope that others would seek her counsel. I feel fantastic, I have more energy, and I am more aware of what my body needs. Thanks Rebecca!”

Kirstin B., Utah

“My physician referred me to Rebecca when it became clear that medical intervention was not sufficient to manage my chronic IBS infected life. I was immediately impressed with Rebecca's intelligent, in depth analysis of my problems and their effect on my life. My admiration has grown over the past 5 months as she has extended herself time and time again to tackle my thorny issues. She has a huge armory of interventions to apply and the trained knowledge to use them to effect. Therapy has not been easy, but has paid off. I haven't had so much energy or such a flat stomach in years! And my sense of humor is back!”

Barbara D., New York

“Working with Rebecca has been life-changing for my son!

At around 18 months old he started developing head to toe eczema.  He would cry and itch all night long.  When steroid creams would only clear him up for a couple of days, it began trying to find out what was wrong.  During this time we saw five different doctors.  We have gone through three rounds of allergy testing (2 blood IGE and 1 skin prick) every time they all showed mostly different results of things that we started to avoid.  He was still reacting to many things on the safe list.  

Rebecca started asking questions about things that he was reacting too, everything she asked about he had a reaction to.  She put him on a low histamine diet and recommended supplementing with specific vitamins/minerals and probiotics and showed us a healthy way to feed him. And she didn’t give up on us or pass us to someone else when it got hard.

The amazing changes we have seen in my son in the last eight months are 1) for the first time he was sleeping through the night (he is nearly 4). He doesn’t wake up crying with stomach pain and itching. 2) He has started talking – a lot. He is also now able to vocalize when something bothers him, instead of crying. 3) His skin is looking so much, much better. 4) We no longer give multiple doses of allergy medication every day to try to combat him being so uncomfortable and help him sleep. 5) Now that he is feeling so much better, when he consumes something he shouldn’t have we know, instead of playing the guessing game.

We look forward to continued progress with my son and working with Rebecca.”

Stacy F., Arizona